What is MicroKote®?

A next generation container coating developed by Nipan llc containing copper and other micronutrients to enhance plants grown in plastic containers, bags, wood boxes or other growing systems.

Is the copper and other micronutrients contained in MicroKote® safe for me and plants?

The form of copper used in MicroKote® is safe and used by organic gardeners.  It does not travel thru the plant beyond the root tip and the plants need for nutrition as with the other micronutrients in MicroKote®.

How is MicroKote® available?

MicroKote® is avail. as an easy to apply paintable liquid in 8 oz. & 32 oz bottles or already applied to 1-10 gallon plastic growing pots. Call for larger volumes.

How many pots can I coat/paint with an 8 oz bottle?

Approx. 60 to75 – 1 gallon containers, 20-25 3 gallon containers 12-15 10 gallon containers.

What should I use to paint them with?

Any paint brush or sponge paint brush will work. I prefer a larger soft bristle brush for a thin smooth coating. Airless sprayers are best when doing larger numbers of containers. Clean with warm soapy water.

Where can I get MicroKote®?

MicroKote® is available exclusively from Hort Specialties Inc. / Microkote.com and its group of select dealers.

How do I get the Most out of MicroKote®?

Start early in plant development using MicroKote® treated products from Start to Finish. Developing superior plants from the start yields superior quality and vigor throughout its life.

Are my plants going to be bigger with MicroKote®?

By developing more root mass and feeder roots its now possible to push plants harder with your nutrition program to produce superior plants and yields.

How long does MicroKote® last in my containers?

This depends on the thickness of the coating and how aggressive the root system is of the plant your growing. The coating is depleted over time by root contact and other growing factors. Many short growing cycles in the same container is common.

How does the plant get the copper?

The Copper in MicroKote is absorbed by the plant roots and held by the root tip. The plant actually “mines” the copper out of the coating. Because the copper is mined the longevity of the coating is determined by the root density adjacent to the container wall. When the plant root tip make contact with MicroKote the root tip dissolves a tiny amount of the coating & copper. The copper is absorbed, root elongation stops, apical dominance is broken and lateral root growth is initiated.

What happens to the copper in the root?

The copper is held or sequestered just behind the root tip. At this point the copper is not biologically active because the plant has sealed it off.

Does the copper kill the root tip?

In most woody plants, the root tips are not killed but in a stage of inactive growth. In herbaceous species the tips can be killed but this does not harm the plant because lateral rooting is stimulated.

Does the copper leach out of the container when it is treated with MicroKote?

Leaching studies have shown that the copper does not leach from the coating. Water collected out of MicroKote Treated containers has the same copper concentrations as the water put into the container.

What happens to the roots when the plant is removed from the container?

Root regeneration from inhibited root tips occurs within 3 – 6 days after the plant has been transplanted into a larger container or landscape plot.

Are the any precautions when handling treated containers?

Treated containers can be handled with bare hands. The dried coating is not any more hazardous then household paint.

How can treated containers be disposed of?

A treated container can be thrown away in any household trash because it is not considered a hazardous waste. Treated containers can also be recycled.

Will MicroKote extend the growing time in a container?

Plants in MicroKote treated containers can be left in a pot longer before up-canning. The transplanting time period can be extended 1-2 months without decreasing plant quality. Plants still require up-canning at the proper time to ensure full growth and size.