Use of MicroKote has a variety of benefits that enhances overall plant development.

Benefits Include:

Reduction of Heat and Cold Stress / Transplant Shock

Minimizes possible plant loss

No need to slash roots and disrupt the root ball when planting or up-canning; this produces stress and slows a plants progress trying to recover

Superior Root System

Creates a highly branched system and supports overall growth of the plant

More efficient use of nutrients and water

100 times more feeder roots ensure superior water and nutrient uptake

Better Use of Growing Space

A root system that utilizes the growing media more efficiently through even root distribution and

Faster Finishing and Longer Shelf Life

Conserves a quality product and is a better use on the container media and space

More efficient usage of labor during up-canning

Easier plant release and with no manual slashing needing to up-can

No vulnerable roots on the container interface means no damage or stress

A marketing advantage over competition

Sell what’s above and below the soil surface (Roots & Tops)