Read what our customers are saying about MicroKote®

Jeff Allegood
Jeff Allegood Old Courthouse Nursery
We see the benefits of MicroKote first hand everyday. Our main customers are other growers…and we hear the same thing from them. This product works for us and our customers, and it is a useful tool that helps us grow a top quality product.
Panther Creek Nursery
Panther Creek Nursery
The best benefit is the use of MicroKote, we produce a better developed root system with none of the root circling normally associated with container grown plants. MicroKote has been shown to provide a plant that will suffer less transplant shock than any other growing method, giving the plant a quick establishment once planted.
Bob Jackson
Bob Jackson Bob's Nursery
MicroKote is an amazing product. It really helps in growing a deep, complex root system for the plant. I use it throughout my entire nursery.
Dan Riddle
Dan Riddle Lodi Farms Ltd
I want to let you know what a difference MicroKote® has made in our operation. Since we started using MicroKote®, we have noticed a substantial improvement in our plants. MicroKote® increases the amount of time that we can hold our plants in the same container and still have a quality shrub. When we shift to a larger container, the plants come out of the pot with ease, and more importantly, root out into the new medium at lightning speed. We have also noticed that our ornamental grasses overwinter with near 100% success since using MicroKote® containers. I think the fact that the roots are inside the media, and not circling the pot, makes a huge difference as the roots are not freezing anymore.

Our customers have noted how well the plants do once they are in the landscape. The roots are all pointed outward and root into the new soil making them drought tolerant within weeks.

We are now using MicroKote® in our container tree production as well. I expect it will alleviate the drought and establishment issues common to potted trees being placed into the landscape.