Using MicroKote®

Start Early

To maximize the benefits of MicroKote, start early in plant production. MicroKote can be used at any stage of plant development from seedlings and cuttings to large trees in 100-gallon pots. The micronutrients in the coating will improve the health of cuttings supporting a stronger initial flush when transplanted. Improving root development in the propagation phase will greatly reduce the development of girdling roots as the plant ages. Seedlings and cuttings started in treated containers or cell packs, develop fine, fibrous roots with many root tips. This prepares a new plant for better growth compared to plants with sparse, unbranched roots. Cuttings rooted in MicroKote treated pots will also initiate more roots directly from the callus on cuttings. A plant with a more evenly developed root system will be able to support better growth in the nursery and transplant well to the landscape.

Time in the container

It is true that a plant can be left in a MicroKote-treated container for a longer period of time compared to non-treated containers. However, MicroKote is NOT a substitute for upcanning. Since plants in MicroKote-treated containers are able to exploit all the soil in a container and utilize a reservoir of micronutrients, it is possible to delay shifting for a few months in most climates. In climates with long growing seasons, this time may be shorter, especially for vigorous species. Plants kept in MicroKote-treated containers past full root development will not grow as quickly when shifted as plants shifted at the proper time. Plants shifted before they become root bound will have the best root regeneration and growth potential. Improved root regeneration combined with multiple growth “flushes” will delay the development of dormant buds until late in the growing season. This growth effect has been demonstrated using red oak seedlings grown under an accelerated program where plants are shifted at an optimum stage.